* This email was sent to all committee members and group accounts*

Hi All,


As you will be aware, the Government announced a second lockdown beginning on Thursday and running through to 2nd December. This will have a significant impact on student group activity, so this email will detail the next steps and hopefully answer any questions that you may have. The decisions below have been made after discussions with the University and Students’ Union’s senior management teams. Please make sure you read it carefully and update all committee and group members so that everyone is aware.


Society and Club activity

From 00.01 on Thursday 5th November, all student groups will need to move their activity online or pause this until after lockdown has been lifted. There will be no physical club or society activity allowed on campus and no access to any space for groups for the duration of lockdown. This means that no planned in-person activity can occur after Wednesday evening, all room bookings (academic rooms or SU space) after this date will be cancelled as groups will have no access to this space. All off-campus activity must cease and we will support groups in negotiating any refunds from external facilities or providers.


We are aware that the DfE guidance makes reference to ‘team sports’ being able to continue in line with NGB return to play, however we need to clarify that is only in relation to the delivery of an education. We have had clarification from National Governing Bodies that this does not relate to the competitive team training or fixture. As such no student sports clubs should be meeting to play sport. If you have any more questions about the Sports Centre then please look at the RHUL Sport FAQs section here.


Planned Events

Any event proposals for in-person events previously approved to take place after 00.01 on Thursday can now no longer go ahead. Any event proposals for online events can go ahead as planned, unless you are notified otherwise.


Please continue to send us event proposals for any planned online events during lockdown. We will review any event proposals for after lockdown, but with the consideration that we are currently unsure what the guidance for activity will be after 2nd December.


Going online

Moving to online activities means that you will likely want to use some video conferencing software to meet up. The University is advising all students to use MS teams as their primary video conferencing software rather than Zoom due to some security issues. We know many groups have paid Zoom accounts so take a look at this guide on how to use it safely if you do need to use Zoom. Read it here - https://rhsu.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/75000042541


Access to storage

We know that some of you will need to access or return items in that are stored on campus before lockdown so you can continue to access to Storage Inn and the Sports Club Lockup up until Wednesday evening.


  • Storage Inn: Please use the storage access guide here - https://rhsu.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/75000037247 . You will need to book a slot to access the storage until 9pm on Wednesday.
  • Sports Club Lockup: If you need to access the lock up, please go to the Sports Centre Reception before 10.30pm on Wednesday. After this time the lockup will not be accessible.


Attached to this email is By-Law L, which relates to club and society activity and conduct and has been updated to reflect the ongoing Covid-19 guidelines for groups. Please make sure that you have read this and are aware of the consequences of breaching these.


The Student Opportunities team will still be available to support you via emails and virtual meetings during the period of lockdown, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have worries or questions. We appreciate this term has been really tough so far, but it has been really great to see how you have all adapted your activities under such challenging circumstances and we know that you will continue to provide opportunities and support for your members through the rest of term. Keep an eye out for ideas early next week from VP Societies & Sport, Lucy Brown, as to what kind of online activity you could offer over the next four weeks to keep members engaged.


Stay Safe,

Student Opportunities