We run two big training periods for Committee leaders during the year; one in June which goes over all the key information you need to run your group, and one in September where we go into more role-specific details. These really are your opportunity to get to grips with everything you need to know to ensure your student group has a productive and effective year. 

Student Group Training Part One

In June, we delivered a series of sessions to give you the information you need to get through the summer as a committee and prepare for the beginning of term one. We went over all of the basics from how to put on events, to how to spend your group funds. Check out the recordings below, and attached is an FAQ document from the common queries asked over the training period.

Running Your Society


Running Your Sports Club

Treasurer Training 

Introduction to Leadership

Social Media

Events & Fundraising 

Getting the most out of your year

Inclusivity & Diversity 

Mental Health Awareness