Freshdesk works as a way to streamline emails or tickets to the right person, based on their knowledge or skillset. 

The purpose of the system is to respond faster through a series of smart solution articles, response templates and automations, so that we can work towards a 3 day working response rate. So if you complete a ticket form, with an example attached, on a Monday, we aim to get back to you for Thursday. It also means that if any of the team go on holiday, there will be someone else who will be able to access your query and ensure it doesn’t fall between the cracks. This system is the main way you will communicate with any of the team, so we can work faster in one place- making your lives easier. 

Based on feedback, we know a lot of current committee members prefer communicating via their university email but sometimes, things can get lost between committee members or queries duplicated- so we’ve got a solution! All committee members will be associated to their group on the system and will be able to see all tickets sent from all committee members; acting like a group email but providing you flexibility to use your university email. This will be the only email address used in the system for compatibility. But don’t worry, you won’t be able to see the bank details of other committee members to support GDPR and if anything is confidential, you can pop in to see us to chat through anything. 

We also know it’s frustrating when you don’t know where your email or query is on its journey; is it with us or another member of staff outside the team or even waiting on your reply? Well, by sending tickets through the portal, you can track the status to see where it is; great news!

A few FAQs

  • The email address will be your university email address and you will be sent an activation email from RHSU Freshdesk to setup a password. This will allow you to login to the portal, submit tickets and read any of the helpful articles on how to’s.
  • This will be the fastest way to contact a member of the staff team in Student Opportunities.
  • We are aiming for a 3 day working response but don’t forget, we don’t work weekends and are in the office 9-5 , so we will still get your email if it’s outside working hours, but our internal clock won’t start ticking until we are back in the office.
  • RHSU Freshdesk is not spam and you will get email notifications when you get any response from us. You can reply to that just like an email or login to the portal. Remember, the portal can show you where your query is i.e. waiting on you for more information or a third party.
  • The system won’t change too much for you guys apart from submitting a ticket form, similar to customer service for lot’s of retail companies, and then after that, it’s either logging in or email correspondence.
  • Only committee members will be uploaded to the system.
  • The ticket number is not a reference to where you are in a queue, but just the number of tickets we've had in total in the system.
  • The type of query on the ticket form means the topic you might want to talk to us about. Don't worry if this isn't just right, we can always re-assign but try to go for the broadest correct group.
  • If you are part of multiple groups, you will be able to select which Group you want to send tickets for and when you view, which one you want to view for. 
  • I've been sent an activation email, is that legit? Please see the below example so you know what to keep an eye out for but the email address will be:

Access to the portal? Here you go:    

Want to go to the portal from the website/ and you'll see the BIG red banner that will take you there.