The Student Opportunities team is the professional staff team who work at the Students' Union, focusing on how we can support student groups, student events (like Give it a Go or union events) and general enquiries (through our Helpdesk). With such a breadth of activity coming under one team (6 people to be exact), it can easily get confusing on who is who and who does what. The bottom line is, all of the team are here to help you where you need support, so don't be afraid to get in touch. Whilst you are responsible for driving your student group and leading from the front, we are here to support you and ensure you are operating safely, inclusively and within certain compliance and policy regulations.

So who does what and why does it matter?

Daniel Curran, Student Opportunities Manager & Deputy Head of Membership Support & Engagement: Dan has seen a lot of things in his time, making him a great soundboard in any eventuality. With extensive knowledge on our elections processes, working with academic departments and support of large scale projects, he is a helping hand always there to support. Dan is the Captain of our ship and always there to support with queries from the team, as well as large scale projects. Often found in the office or playing dungeons and dragons in the Packhorse.

Sophia Bolton, VP Societies and Media: A former president of Dance and student in Geography. Ran for election on a manifesto looking at financial accessibility, group funding and access to space. Her role is here to support societies and the media outlets in achieving their aims and objectives whilst also aspiring groups and giving them a platform to succeed.

Dom Brown, VP Sport: Well known for his leadership on a football pitch and a degree in Media Arts. Dom won his second election looking at Mental Health training and representatives, building wider physical activity on campus and launching a review of the Student Opportunities memberships. His role is here to provide opportunities for groups to develop, ensuring well-managed relationships with campus and national organisations and looking at the wider governance of sports club. 

Laura Black, Societies & Media Groups Coordinator: a Royal Holloway graduate and previously the Helpdesk Coordinator and Duty Manager of the Shop, Laura is on hand to support with the development of your Society or Media Outlet. An expert in group finances and event planning (high profile guest speakers to event weeks), Laura is a key support for all your student group queries. You would find her in the office or out and about, supporting your events.


Megan Beddoe, Sports Club Coordinator: a former Activities Sabbatical Officer at LSE, Megan is a well-known name in the University Sports sector and can help take your Club to the next level. Using her networking with BUCS, stakeholder management skills for facilities and her knowledge of regulations, Megan is on hand to help Clubs in anyway they need. You might spot her down at the Sports Centre on a Wednesday #COYB

Sophie Bury, Helpdesk Coordinator: another Royal Holloway alum, Sophie has the key customer service skills to answer your questions. In charge of our Helpdesk and Union Bus Hire service, she is on hand to support with bookings, financial claims and any general queries. You can often find her on the Helpdesk, so pop by to say hello.

Alison Baker, Events & Give it a Go Coordinator: a social media sensation, we like to think of Alison as our own Big Name on Campus. Alison is the person to go to if you want to run a taster session, have a wacky idea to pop in the GIAG programme (anything from puppies to films to cocktails and more!) or if you want to be involved in a big Union event (our Balls, Laurels, Freshers' Fair). Her events planning skills are second to none, which is why you might spy her down at any of the GIAG events on Campus- you can find them on the website!

Julia Saunders, Student Opportunities Assistant: a new member of the team, who is the keeper of all our administration secrets, with a broad professional background. Julia is always behind the scenes to support groups with all of your queries, I'm talking: finances, bookings, website support, logins and pretty much everything you can think of! Working part-time in the Office, she is always a friendly face and just an email or ticket away.

How can we help you? 

Support – We will make you feel valued, with proactive and consistent communication to answer your queries or attend to your specific needs. We want to understand your group, including the nuances which makes you unique, this will help us to help you! Of course, we don’t want to be intrusive but there are some things we need to know.

Protection – We know not everything will go to plan and issues may arise in rare occasions, but we have your back! Don’t be afraid to talk to us, positive or negative, you can trust us and we will do our best to help. We can also support you by dealing with external stakeholders and point you in the right direction when required.

Knowledge – We can provide you with expertise, we’ve been around the block a few times, so know how a thing or two. However, we don’t know everything and love hearing new ideas, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Facilities – We have the tools to facilitate your activity, whether space or just having time to catch-up. We can help make your event successful and provide advice and ideas you may not have previously thought of.

Training – We will upskill and inform you on various procedures and updates via regular training, to ensure you know who to contact or where to go.

We are all on the Freshdesk system, and your query will get assigned to the right person: so use that as a first port of call. Fancy a chat? Pop into the Union and upstairs to the Helpdesk