We know how important it is to support Groups to get high quality space across Campus and there is one streamlined way we help you get into these rooms...  welcome to the room booking system! 

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • A selection of academic rooms are available to book on weekdays from 18:00 - 22:00 and on weekends from 09:00 – 22:00. This is key! A full list of rooms can be found at the bottom of this article.
  • The Web Room Booking portal is a College run service and this provides you the opportunity to see availability on all the rooms we can access.
  • Each group will be sent their relevant login so you can book this and we know which group wants the space.
  • Top tip: try to book any rooms through this portal on Campus, otherwise you will need to use 'Campus Anywhere' (VPN) to access the site.
  • All rooms booked through the portal are provisional. This is to ensure we can have oversight of the activity, the rationale and to ensure the activity suits the purpose of the room; because who wants to be in a 120 capacity lecture theatre for a committee meeting.
  • When using one of these rooms, you must adhere to the Terms of Use
  • All bookings once confirmed will come through with an email.
  • Unsure what's gone wrong, need some help? Drop us an email or submit a ticket form.

Rooms up for grabs

Large RoomMedium RoomSmall Room

Arts LT1 (122)

Arts G024 (40)

Arts F016 (15)

Arts LT 2 (60)

Arts S021 (50)

Arts S008 (16)

Boilerhouse 007 (60)

George Elliot Seminar 1-01 (40)

Bourne Annexe 280 (16)

Bourne LT2 (70)

George Elliot Seminar 1-02 (32)

Bourne Annexe 295 (15)

Bourne Annexe 290 (124)

International Building IN031 (22)

George Elliot Seminar 1-03 (18)

Founders Lecture Theatre (197)

International Building IN243 (24)

George Elliot Seminar 1-04 (16)

Horton Lecture Theatre 1 (68)

International Building IN245 (24)

International Building IN029 (20)

Munro Fox Lecture Theatre (80)

International Building IN028 (22)

Moore Building Seminar 0-02/3 (20)

Munro Fox Seminar Room (70)

Arts F028 (25)

Moore Building Seminar 0-04/5 (20)

Wettons A (150) Wed, Thurs & Fri only

Arts G003(25)

Moore Building Seminar 006 (12)

Wettons B (75)

Arts F001 (25)

Moore Building Seminar 007 (10)

Arts F003 (25)

Moore Building Seminar 008 (20)

Windsor Building Seminar Rooms 1-02, 1-03, 1-04, 1-05 (50)

Moore Building Seminar 009 (14)


Additional College Space

As well as the outlined academic rooms above, we can have the opportunity to request use for additional space. These include:

  • Windsor Auditorium
  • Founders Dining Hall
  • Picture Gallery
  • Emily Wilding Davison Atrium
  • Boilerhouse Lecture Theatre

To book these spaces, please email or submit a ticket with a filled out Events Proposal and Risk Assessment as early as possible. Don't worry if you feel you are only in the early stages of planning, this just helps us to talk to College about getting you the space. Please note, these bookings are hotly asked for, so do operate on a first come basis. If we can't get the space you want, don't worry, we can discuss alternatives to get your event goin