So you want to run a Social? These are an amazing opportunity for your Group to get together, to include all members in your activity and put on something fun. But to make sure you as committee leaders support your members, especially to be inclusive of different backgrounds and cultures, make sure you read our Socials Policy fully and share it with the membership of your group to ensure you’re all on the same page.

It sounds simple but making everyone feel comfortable and involved in an inclusive atmosphere is crucial to both the culture of RHSU and for you to both attract and retain members. Believe it or not but this is the area where we see most issues year on year and we have seen many productive and effective groups go from having a great year to one that turns very sour. And in some of the worst cases can cause the group to fold. Something that none of us want to see happen.

All socials must also follow our social process outlined in the Student Group Activity and Risk Assessment Guidance document, and must be approved by the Students’ Union. Your social cannot go ahead without approval, so remember to submit your proposal two weeks in advance to ensure your event can go ahead. You can check out the approval process on the event proposal and risk assessment Freshdesk article here.

Socials can be free of charge, act as a fundraiser or be a ticketed event: you've got all the options. We've seen so many creative socials over the years, from Slumber Parties to Spa Days to Themed Activities- so give anything a go. If you do decide to charge a price for members, we can put a ticket up on your group webpage. 


Film Screenings

Film screenings are a popular option for a social but there are some important things you need to know before you begin your planning:

1. Film screenings on campus

If you are wanting to host a film screening on campus, then you cannot advertise the name of the film prior to the event taking place. The film license that we hold only covers the actual showing of the film not the advertising prior. However, you are able to leave some clues for what the film might be. For example, a film about a young boy finding out he's a wizard. You could also turn it into a fun game, with a code breaker exercise before the big reveal at the event! As long as you don't name the film beforehand then you are covered by the license for film screenings. 

2. Virtual film screenings

You are not able to stream a film using Zoom or another video conferencing platform. You can all watch a film at the same time using your own platforms and use Zoom or MS Teams etc whilst watching, but you can't share your screen and stream the film to the call as this is actually illegal. If you were using Teleparty (formally Netflix Party) then you would be able to advertise the name of the film prior to the event and you could all watch the film together!


If you are wanting to hold a pub social, you must follow the usual event proposal and risk assessment process outlined above. You will also need to think about the risks involved with alcohol consumption when you are filling out your risk assessment.

Using the SU Venues

The SU Venues (incl. Tommy's Kitchen, Packhorse and Medicine) are available for groups to use, and the venues team are keen to support student groups as much as possible. All they ask is for plenty of notice (at least three or four weeks) and ideas! Our big venues (the SU hall and Medicine) can get very busy so keep an eye out for emails at the end of each term with deadlines for event proposals for the next term. After this, we will try our best to fit you in but there may be limited dates/venues available. If you're interested in working with our team at our other venues, whether that be a standard social, a pub quiz, a craft evening or an open mic night then let us know! All you need to is submit your event proposal and risk assessment with your idea and we’ll let the trading team know so they can get supporting you. If you’re just wanting to get together with your members, and book a few tables at the Packhorse or Medicine, then make sure to book a table via the relevant links as well as submitting an event proposal.