If you’re holding an event then you will need to fill out this form. This form helps give us an idea of what you’re planning and if there is anything we need to do to support. This can range from arranging a venue, help with booking tickets, paying an invoice, getting equipment moved etc. There are loads of ways we can support you, so have a think and make sure to put it on the form!

We want you to fill out the form for all of your events, including boat parties, guest speakers, performances, socials and fundraisers so we have a better idea of what you’re up to and to also make sure all risks and health and safety measures are accounted for. It’s a short form and asks for varying detail depending on the type of event i.e. for a boat party we’d ask for a budget.

Risk Assessments

You will also need to fill out a risk assessment and attach it to the proposal form. There's a template attached below.

Make sure to check out the guidance attached below which will help you think about all the various elements of your event and what risks are involved. 

Other Booking Forms

If you’re hosting an event in the Library or Founders Dining Hall you will also need to fill out the following booking forms that are attached below:

  • Library
  • Founders Dining Hall

Please submit this form at least 4 weeks’ before your event to allow for us to arrange any support, venues or equipment. Once we’ve had a look through it we’ll email you with confirmation or asking for a few more details.