So you've applied for your Grant in the summer and you’ve got some membership fees coming in, but now you want to do something to make your group more accessible, develop what you can offer or to provide an amazing opportunity for your members. This is where the Group Development Fund comes in.

There are set criteria aligning with our strategic plan entitled ‘What’s Next?' 2, simple eligibility outlining what we will and won’t support, as well as some guideline factors.

What do we fund?

The panel will take into consideration:

  • Being reasonable and relevant to a group’s core purpose
  • Considerate of any health & safety risks
  • Stored in a relevant location and accessible for the membership


The application should look at satisfying our aims outlined in our strategic plan:

  • Improve your education
  • Make campus fun
  • Look after your wellbeing
  • Make you more employable
  • Empower to change the world around you

There is more detail about all of this outlined in the criteria document you can find it here.

You can always check out an example application to get you going - here.

Ok, so you think you have it all ready and know what you want to say, just fill out the application here